Hello! I’m Lisa

I have a superpower... well actually a few
I’m something of a wizard... really, it’s true

Details, figures, plans, edits, proofs, consistency
Tasks that need focus are a dream for autistic me

You probably find them boring so shoot them my way
Free yourself up for a more productive day

Branding, copy, websites, research, creativity
Ideas flow aplenty in a brain with ADD

So need something snazzy or an extra vision boost?
Halve the load, get me on board, sit back and rule the roost

But enough about me... What about YOU?
Oh you, dear reader, I know about you...

Bursting with passion, a new business dream
Genius and daring you positively beam

Hard is the road of a solopreneur
No back up, no team, no one to confer

In work as in life, it’s community
That lifts us and guides us, saves our sanity

So share your new journey and bring me along
I’ll sprinkle my magic – frustrations, be gone!

No challenge is too big, too dull or too hard
When you’ve got Wizardry @ Work's business card

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Email: hello@wizardryva.com


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